Jupiter and Bellilin

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These words can be used to dispell negative entities in the physical and astral planes...


In the name of Jupiter, Father of Gods, I conjure you -- Te Vigos Cosilim!



A song prayer given to the Master Samael Aun Weor by the Angel Aroch --

Bellilin, Bellilin, Bellilin!
Amphora of Salvation
I would like to be next to you
Materialism has no strength next to me!
Bellilin, Bellilin, Bellilin! (Master Samael) (Master Rabolu)

The phrases must be repeated three times in order to work properly. They will be much more effective if we're conserving and transmuting the sexual energy (we should never spill the wine, my friends!).

If you can't enter the astral world at will, I highly recommend the free astral travel course at It will help you in the most practical fashion.

I know, I know... I hate to beat a dead horse, but let's face it -- we're lazy creatures by default. Sometimes we need a little push.

I hope that your essence will find strength in the words of the Masters.

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    Re: Jupiter and Bellilin

    Mon, April 4, 2005 - 12:00 AM
    I've seen the cultist ideas of Samael Aum Weor and his "Gnosis" Organization destroy the life of several friends of mine.

    His "Gnosis" is simply based in the idea that he is some sort of Messiah and his followers whould respect each one of his words as a sacred doctrine.

    After joining the Organization he has created, people is lead to break their relationships with people not involved in the Organization. Also, the ones who have houses of their own are coerced and asked to donate their own house to the Organization.

    The Samaelian "Gnostics" I've met end up getting celibate because it was impossible for them to follow the lunacy of Samael Aum Weor about having sex without ever releasing sperm.

    One of my friends who joined the "Gnosis" Organization of Samael Aum Weor was so fucking brainwashed by them that believed that his teacher was Jesus Christ and that he had created the planet Mars. Another of my friends who joined the cult was by far worst and after leaving it he had to spend a long time in a psychiatric hospital.

    The Cult of Samael Aum Weor is VERY DESTRUCTIVE (even more than Scientology). It is a very "popular" Cult is South America (I live here). It is not too popular in U.S.A. yet... but it is growing there too.

    There are hundreds of web-pages in Spanish that give information about the Cultists practices of the organization of Samael Aum Weor and its branches (in almost every single case, these web pages were created by former members -victims- of the "Gnosis" Cult). Sadly, I could not find any English web page on the subjet... probably because it is still a fringe Cult in English-Speaking countries.

    So... don't let it grow there... I really know what I am talking about.
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      Mon, April 4, 2005 - 12:09 PM
      Peace, Kzwleh.

      Master Samael has said, "I am just a signpost -- you must find your own way!"

      What he gave to people were the practical tools for their own self-realization.

      Here is one of his books, "Revolutionary Psychology" --

      If you haven't read it, you might consider doing so. This way your opinion of the Master will be less biased by your own personal experience with certain followers (whose ideals obviously shouldn't be equated with their teacher's -- just like we shouldn't say Jesus was a fool because of the fundamentalist KKK groups).

      Do you know Master Samael was thrown into jail by the Vatican for healing a dying man? It's something to think about.

      << The Samaelian "Gnostics" I've met end up getting celibate because it was impossible for them to follow the lunacy of Samael Aum Weor about having sex without ever releasing sperm. >>

      These people are mistaken. Master Samael taught about the great mystery of sex and its fundamental place in the intimate self-realization of the Being.

      It might interest you to know that the Dali Lama also teaches about the importance of Chastity (i.e., never spilling).

      Anyway... if you would like to see the most destructive cult of all, look to the cult of personality and pseudo-democratic, consumer-based societies.

      Master Samael is trying to revolutionize the consciousness of the Earth, but the masses continue pulling it down piece by piece.

      We should give the Master some credit for what he is trying to accomplish here (the Master is not the same as the personality that walked on the Earth, by the way).

      You say "I really know what I am talking about." However, who are you? Who is the I that says, "I know what I am talking about?"

      If most people don't even know themselves and cannot honestly say, "I know who I am," how can we expect them to accept anything we say?

      The sad fact is that nobody can self-realize for anybody else. Each of us must walk alone.
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    Mon, April 4, 2005 - 7:16 AM
    I participated in a free community meditation held here at a local library, and it seemed very cultish, too. They had us chanting these names that were supposedly archangels or something. Anyway, they told us we couldn't write them down, or it would be very bad, and they also had us doing chakra work that started at the base of the neck instead of the base of the spine. They said the Master would dissolve all your old karma, so you didn't have to start at the bottom. It was just weird.

    I have never used the words above in ritual.
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      Re: Jupiter and Bellilin

      Mon, April 4, 2005 - 2:12 PM
      You are right, Satya... It IS a Cult. A very destructive one.

      A Cult in which people is lead to give up every single idea they have and accept that each idiocy by the "master" Samael Aum Weor (who was simply a swine) is the truth and the whole of the truth.

      People who join his organization is lead to a mental crisis... but also to an economical crisis (because the organization is not expensive at all, but "donations" are accepted... and the bigger is the donation, the better for the student's "gnosis". Yes, you get really "gnostic" if you give them your own house...).

      So I really think that the "who am I? Who is this I?" arguments are simply silly when we are talking about a destructive cult like this one.

      As I've said, this organization (and several branches which are equally destructive) is very popular in South America. Right now the Cult is trying to spread itself in the U.S.A.
      If someone understands a bit of Spanish, then you will find a LOT of webpages created by former members of the Cult telling the truth about the very destructive practices it has.

      Finally, take it for granted that Samael Aum Weor has NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY REAL GNOSTIC TRADITION. Nothing that he says is even close to real Gnosticism.
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        Mon, April 4, 2005 - 8:45 PM
        Please define real gnosticism for us please, Kzwleh.
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          Re: Jupiter and Bellilin

          Wed, April 6, 2005 - 12:56 PM
          When a person called Victor Gomez changes his name to Samael Aum Weor because he claims that he is in touch with an entity which has that name and creates a Cult in which people is forced to accept the words of this "entity" as a sacred doctrine... that's NOT GNOSTIC AT ALL.

          When a person creates a Cult and forces his followers not to ever release sperm during sex and there are hundreds of testimonials of people who claim that after having joined the Cult they become Celibate because they were told that celibacy was better than releasing sperm... that's NOT GNOSTIC AT ALL.

          When people is coerced to donate their own houses to a Cult in order to have a better knowledge of God and demostrate that way that they are not attached to the material world... that's NOT GNOSTIC AT ALL.

          When you find a stupid guru that says some stupid things like "the first master was Buddha, then Krishna, then Christ... and then I arrived, and I am like those other guys, so praise me"... that's NOT GNOSTIC AT ALL.

          When people follow a "Master" (and every "Master" needs servants or slaves in order to be a "Master", right?)... that's NOT GNOSTIC AT ALL.

          When a person like Samael Aum Weor claims that he has channeled ancient rituals which are practiced in his order and those rituals are full of literal quotes which come from a cheap Spanish translation of Wallis Budge's English translation of the Egyptian "Book of the Dead", a few rituals written by Krum-Heller and even a few quotes from Aleister Crowley's "Book of the Law" (who would probably have felt amused to know that a person that promotes a VERY DISTORDED and CHEAP version of Tantra is quoting his Book of the Law)... that's NOT GNOSTIC AT ALL.

          When an organization is known as "Gnosis" and yet it promotes that his students MUST have visions that match the "revelations" that a loon like Samael Aum Weor claimed to have... that's NOT GNOSTIC AT ALL.

          When the outcome of an organization is that several of its students end up getting absolutely alienated from society, in several cases living in mental hospitals, unable to have any social life beyond the organization... that's NOT GNOSTIC AT ALL.

          When an organization asks his students to promote it by leaving brief posts in forums that mention its founder (by the way, Denny, you are leaving posts about Samael Aum Weor in each single tribe you join)... that's NOT GNOSTIC AT ALL.

          When Religious Fanatism is the main teaching of a Group... and when the stupid "revelations" of a stupid man like Samael Aum Weor become the core of a group... that's NOT GNOSTIC AT ALL.

          So it's quite complicated to define "what is gnosis"... but it is so easy to define what is NOT GNOSTIC AT ALL. So, I'd say that Samael Aum Weor was NOT GNOSTIC AT ALL... and that the organization he has founded and its branches are NOT GNOSTIC AT ALL.
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            Wed, April 6, 2005 - 1:36 PM
            On the contrary, it is rather easy to define what gnosis is -- it is the direct experience of the greater reality. It is the art and science of knowing oneself. It is awakening consciousness in the superior dimensions. It is learning to receive grace from our divine parents.

            Spending any of our precious time in negative thoughts about another being is no good, my friend. We should look into those deep attachments that express themselves in such ways.

            I encourage you to read the following without any preconceived notions about the author. Try to be objective...

            The Need to Change Our Way of Thinking

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        Re: Jupiter and Bellilin

        Fri, April 8, 2005 - 10:35 PM
        First of all, pardon my poor English... as you may notice, it's not my natural language.

        In order to let you know where I am coming from:

        During my life I've met people from the most diverse occult organizations: B.O.T.A., Illuminates of Thanateros, Ordo Templi Orientis, Typhonian Ordo Templi Orientis, Cultus Sabbati, Traditional Golden Dawn & Thelemic Golden Dawn, Temple Ov Psychick Youth, Church of Satan, Free Masons, people involved in Wiccan covens... and so on. I certainly do NOT like all of them... I think that some of them are really silly and simple-minded (specially the Church of Satan), I think that some others are simply a waste of time... and I do like a lot some others.
        BUT I do not think that any of them is dangerous, I don't think that any of them is a Cult. I'm not the kind of person that gets alarmed about Occult Organizations.


        It was simply by chance that several friends of mine got involved with Samael Aum Weor's Gnosis (and not all of them with the same branch). NONE of them had a good experience with the Cult.

        Which ones are the teachings of Samael Aum Weor and the Cult he created?

        The core of the teachings is simply that Victor Manuel Gomez Rodrigues (also known as "Samael Aum Weor") is meant to be taken as a prophet or, in practical terms, a Messiah.
        The members of the Cult are obliged to believe that he was in touch with an entity known as "Samael Aum Weor" and that Victor Manuel Gomez Rodrigues became the incarnation of this entity in Earth.
        His hallucinations become a Dogma which can not be discussed at all because "it is the truth and the whole of the truth". The words of Samael Aum Weor become the way in which people should live their life.

        Among the "funny" things you could know about Samael Aum Weor is that he predicted that the world was going to finish in the year 1999 when a planet known as "Hercolubus" was meant to collide with our planet.
        We are in the year 2005... as far as I know, the world is still here, right?
        The thesis of Samael Aum Weor was that only the ones that followed his teachings were going to be saved after this "final judgement" of the year 1999. The ones who did not follow his teachings were going to go directly to hell. The follower of Samael known as RABOLU (Joaquin Amortegui is his real name) strongly believed in this idea that the world was going to finish in 1999 and used the idea in order to sell his books (with the excuse that he was going to teach the way to save your soul before our planet explodes in 1999).

        If these kind of stupid ideas remind you of Cults like "Heaven's gate", then that's maybe because both cults would be laughable if it wasn't that some people takes them seriusly.

        What does the Cult do?
        The first thing that happens when you do join the Cult is that you receive a "psychology treatment". This Psychology Treatment has the aim of making you feel guilty about the way you live and the way you think. The intention is to make you "understand" that you should not be in touch with people who is not interested in the "gnosis" of Samael Aum Weor... even if that people is your family.
        Fastings and sleep deprivation are part of this treatment (and I have nothing against fastings of sleep deprivation... but it is psychopath to coerce another person to do these things as a "punishent").

        Of course, people who lives with other people (i.e, family not involved in the Cult) can't follow this way of life after a few months... but the cult makes it very easy for you: they will invite you to go to live in a house with other members of the Cult. Why are they so kind and give you a house almost for free? because the house has been "donated" (i.e, given to the cult for free) by a member of a higher grade that showed that way that he is not attached to the material world and that he is loyal to the cult (these donations are "rewarded" with the promise of a higher gnosis).
        Of course, once you are living in their house and you have left your own house, the cult gets an absolute control over your life (they do even decide when you should eat and when you should sleep... and when you shouldn't).

        Please note that not every member of the Cult leaves his own house... but several of them do it.

        After these lessons you will start receiving lessons about "tantra"... a cheap version of tantra which is mostly about that males should NEVER NEVER NEVER release sperm. You may be able to do it a few times... but you there will always be a time in which some sperm is released, right?
        Well... my friend, this means that you will "go to Hell"... oh! but the teacher will arrive to you and tell you that you can be celibate until you control the technique (which never happens, and you get celibate forever).

        Within the Cult you will have the chance to go through "secret" initiations (one for each grade). The first two rituals have been borrowed from Krum-Heller. The other five rituals are simply a "cut and paste" from Aleister Crowley's Book of the Law (which is funny, because Crowley would have spit in the face of a man that considers that to release sperms means that you'll go to hell), Wallis Budge's translation of the Egyptian Book of the Dead and words taken from books by Gurdjieff. The funny thing about it is that Samael Aum Weor claimed that these rituals were practiced in Egypt and he knows them because he has channeled them (hmmm... the truth is that he was simply plagiarizing modern authors). If you read spanish, then you can find the "secret Egyptian" rituals of Samael Weor and the literal quotes he included from these books in a .pdf document.

        Is it a surprise that the "secret" rituals were simply plagiarizing publicly availabe books? Well... but the books by Samael Aum Weor were also plagiarizing other books in most cases.
        I.e, the famous book by Samael Aum Weor titled "Psicología Revolucionaria" ("Revolutionary Psychology") was simply plagiarizing the book "Psychology of the Possible Evolution of Man" by Oupensky (a follower of Gurdjieff, another author who has been plagiarized by Samael Aum Weor).
        There are very FUNNY issues related to Samael Aum Weor plagiarizing Gurdieff: since Samael had cheap Spanish translations of his books, it happened that in one of the books by Gurdjieff ("tales from Belcebu to his Son" should be the English title... the Spanish title is "Relatos de Belcebu a su hijo") there was a typo or miss-translation. Instead of "Kunda-Amortiguador" ("Kunda-Buffer" in English) the book said "Kundartiguador" (which means nothing in Spanish... as if I wrote "Kunduffer" in English)... but Samael talks a lot about this "Kundartiguador" in his "Technique of Meditation - Technique for disolving the I" book ("Tecnica de Meditacion - Tecnica de disolucion del yo" is the Spanish title). Isn't it funny that the Archangel that was illuminating Samael Aum Weor taught him yoga techniques with typos? (or is it that Samael was simply plagiarizing and had no brains at all?)-

        Other "funny" facts about the life of Samael Aum Weor:
        He claims that Krum-Heller asked him to be the next ruler of the Gnostic church... when Samael was 11 years-old, in 1928... the funny thing is that Samael was not even a member of the Gnostic Church yet... but also that Krum-Heller WAS NOT a member of the Gnostic Church in 1928 either! (Krum-Heller became a member in 1929).
        Is it that space and time are relative or that the old Samael Aum Weor was simply a swindler with not much brains?

        The problem with this silly swinlder who wasn't even a clever swindler is that the cult that he created destroys people. It leads its members to a mental disasted, paranoia, child-like ideas (i.e, I know a person that was convinced that his teacher in the cult was Jesus Christ and that he had created the planet Mars) and an absolute destruction of all their social relationships. The cult also destroys the economy of its members... and the donation of houses to the Cult is not a rare practice.

        If you really like Gnosis... then walk away from Samael Aum Weor and his Cult (with all its branches).
  • The Two Questions

    Mon, April 4, 2005 - 9:30 PM
    This is an interesting thread. I really don't know anything about old Sam. But, I see another question here. I would like to know how many people think that the outcome is mostly influenced by these exact words and how many people think that that the outcome is more heavily influenced by the intention and intensity of the user of the words.

    I guess I am curious. Are their REALLY magic words that provide power to anyone who can pronounce them correctly? Can it really be that easy?

    • Re: The Two Questions

      Mon, April 4, 2005 - 10:35 PM
      It is a curious thing, 4W.

      On one particular occasion, I encountered a large beast-man in my bedroom who was conjuring my astral body. The effect of his spell was that I started flailing around and laughing hysterically in a painfully mechanical fashion.

      I was trying with all of my might to say the Jupiter conjuration but it was no good. Then, for some strange reason, my left hand moved by itself and covered the solar plexus in a very firm way... much more pressure than I thought was necessary.

      Suddenly, this large creature runs over to me and struggles to pull my arm away from the solar plexus. He was highly enraged over this. However, when he reached me, he seemed terribly weak and began to shrink into an ugly little monster of some sort...

      On saying the words...

      I encountered a witch in my bedroom once upon a time. I had just learned the Jupiter conjuration and was really unsure of the pronunciaition (and the astral in general), but I went ahead with it anyway. I assumed the posture and started to say the words...

      Then she starts laughing at me -- "Tay Vie Goes What?! Hahahaha! He can't even say the words!" This, of course, created a lot of doubt in me. I recovered from this spell soon enough, stomped my foot on the ground and shouted them out in a stern fashion...

      She looked horrified and fell backwards, being halfway absorbed by the wall.

      I turned around to fly outside, but by the time I made it over the street, she was there... and we started fighting in the air. I woke up shortly thereafter.

      Interestingly enough, I have also been conjured with this same phrase "Te Vigos Cosilim" but the hand gesture is always different (and usually extravagant in some way). The hand symbol Master Rabolu is holding up is known as the Christian Hand of God (and was also used by the Egyptians).

      I have found that the words don't have as much strength if I'm not established in chastity (meaning the words seem to lose a certain power if I have an orgasm).

      I believe sounds in their own right have certain magical qualities. For instance, vocalizing the O mantra for at least 10 minutes a day will undoubtedly help us with conscious astral travel and activate the faculty of intuition. Belief doesn't matter in this case, because the effect is going to come regardless of what we believe.

      The human hands are undoubtedly magical instruments of great complexity. In certain traditions of palmistry, the right index finger is known as the Jupiter finger, while the right hand in itself is said to be masculine and projective. The left hand is said to be feminine and receptive. Jupiter is also related to the positive pole in certain alchemical traditions (since it is related to tin).

      So, the hands are obviously important factors. Then again, I suppose the whole body is important, but the hands and the solar plexus appear to be most important in this particular conjuration.

      The ideals of Faith and Chastity also seem to be highly important with respect to the Jupiter conjuration.

      Having said that, the simple fact is that this is a tool. As with all tools, we'll learn the most about it through practical applications.

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        Re: The Two Questions

        Fri, April 8, 2005 - 12:29 AM
        Several thoughts:

        On "spilling the wine" or releasing sperm through orgasm, what precisely is the corresponding teaching for a female practitioner in your Master's philosophy?

        I find it intensely curious when doctrines applying to only 48% of the population are so heavily emphasized with no thought to a corresponding teaching for the other 52%.

        I can have many many orgasms without 'ejaculating' -- in fact 'ejaculation' is the rarer case that requires a lot of intention and specific technique to achieve. In general, [and this might be TMi for some of you, but the All Things Vagina tribe discusses female orgasm in detail for the curious] a clitoral orgasm does not result in ejaculation of a notable volume of fluid, but g-spot stimulation combined with a clitoral orgasm sometimes does.

        If I transfer your Master's teachings correctly, then orgasm without ejaculation would be the 'superior' practice.

        But on the converse, the intellectual Freud (who I think did not understand women or the female sexual response AT ALL) held an opposite teaching, saying that clitoral orgasm was a less advanced practice, and 'vaginal' orgasm was the superior practice.

        Do these men understand these sexual and energetic responses in females in the first place?

        Is it possible that women are naturally in a place of more spiritually advanced sexuality?

        In my experience I do not at all feel my energy is drained through orgasm, with or without ejaculation. In either cases I am very much capable of multiple orgasms seemingly without limit when engaged either with myself or another competent sex magician; I am also capable of performing powerful magics right after experiencing multiple Os.

        I think it is possible for men to learn to separate the acts of orgasm and ejaculation, and begin to experience multiple Os without 'cumming', to finish off it they choose in one or more ejaculatory orgasms, or not. I have had male partners learn this over time. The book ' The multi-orgasmic Male' by Mantak Chia discusses this topic.

        Anyway, I am curious as to what your organization says about this matter.

        On a separate issue, your bedroom, Denny, sounds like an awfully exciting and dangerous place. You might consider constructing a Major Ward or some other protective matrix for your sleeping chamber.
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          Re: The Two Questions

          Fri, April 8, 2005 - 10:38 PM
          You should know that in the original rituals written by Samael Aum Weor (which are meant to be "secret", but are easily available... at least in Spanish), women are meant to wear veils that cover their face.

          Probably this gives you an idea about the ideas that the "master" Swine Aum Weor had about women.
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            Re: The Two Questions

            Sat, April 9, 2005 - 7:28 AM
            Well in general the question of veiling across the world is not automatically a relegation to second class status . . . but I see your point. Let's just be careful not to malign a practice which takes different forms in different cultures in one fell swoop of conversaiton. When I was in Egypt I wore the hijab voluntarily and was very happy about it within context. A much longer topic than we have space for, but there are a number of books on the subject from Arab feminists I can recommend.

            What does Samael say about the soul of women, or the spiritual life of women?

            This question is often a wonderful litmus test for evaluating a magical, religious, or philosophical system. Some authors are so complex in their views of women that single quiotes out of context only begin to tell the story -- Crowley for example is fairly complex in his ideas around women, and it takes a lot of reading and still people come to different conclusions -- thread on this in the Thelema tribe.

            You make some interesting points about Samael Kzwleh. Perhaps the group has taken a more moderate expression in the states?

            I feel there is a type of 'survival of the fittest' model in operation when we speak of cults, brainwashing, indoctrination, etc.

            When I was being raised my mom was pretty deeply indoctrinated into the southern pentecostal church, which meets very strongly the definition of cult according to Isaac Bonewits. The financial control, the sexual control, the lifestyle control, the restriction and filtering of media . . . one could write an essay similar to yours above about many active and thriving groups in the US that people don't think of as cults.

            The survival of the fittest part is that if someone wants to hand their life and sanity over to such an organization, then it might just be part of their path and learning experience to go through that and eventually come out the other end with some insight.

            It is not for me to rage about the different groups; there are so many.

            Better to mind my own Path, mind my students and my flock, and keep walking with no bitterness or invective. Invective poisons only yourself.

            I hope you and your friends find the healing that you need around the damages of this organization in your experience.
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              Re: The Two Questions

              Sat, April 9, 2005 - 10:56 PM
              I do not need to heal myself because of Samael Aum Weor... I have never been a member of his Cult.

              -I've seen 4 friends of mine joining the Cult and destroying their life that way (none of them is a member of the Cult nowadays).

              -3 other friends of mine were members of the Cult in the past (when I met them for the first time they were already ex-members. 2 of them had received the initiation in the 7 grades). It was because of them that I've read books by Samael (they gave them to me in order to show me that he was absolutely insane). One of them donated a house to the Cult and is still trying to find a legal way to get her house back, which seems that won't happen (and, of course, the Cult doesn't want to give her the house).

              -2 persons I knew who are not "friends" of mine invited me once to a friendly talk with them in order to convincing me of joining the Cult.

              So I don't think that the Survival of the Fittest really applies here.
              I do know two persons who have arrived to the 7th Grade... the higher grade in the scale... and they would agree that their years in the Cult were a nightmare... and none of them gained any kind of insight.

              There are several webpages of former members of the "Gnosis" Cult of Samael which say similar things (or worst things) than the ones I've learnt because of my friends. None of them is written in English.

              Take it for granted that I do not spend my time hating the group of Samael. I have never been a member of that group... it's not something that it's related to my daily life.
              It's just that when I saw that links to the webpage of the Cult were being sent to this tribe (and others) I felt alarmed because there is NO information about this Cult in English.

              Hypothetical Situation:
              It's very much as if you could speak French and you joined a tribe in which they speak French... and then you find someone telling people about the benefits of smoking crack daily... and sending links about an organization in France that sells Crack. BUT also you discover that there is no realistic information about Crack in French.
              It's likely that you'd feel that it won't hurt you to inform people what is Crack really about... probably you would consider that the world would be a bit better if someone who is having a good life does not destroy herself smoking Crack... when she would have never done it if she knew the truth about Crack before doing it.
              So that's what I've done.
              As I've said... Samael Aum Weor is not even a small issue in my daily life (nor Crack).
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          Re: The Two Questions

          Mon, April 11, 2005 - 8:19 AM
          I personally find the idea of not spilling seed to be about as ridiculous as driving nails in your wrists to feel the pain of Christ. Seeds are meant to be spread after all, so my advice is to spread liberally and with no regard to the squeamishness of others. Some people will always take advantage of the modern fear of bodily fluids to make sweeping statements. And I always recommend powerful and juicy G spot orgasms and intense sac draining sprays

          On the other note. Yes, Denny's bedroom seems far more dangerous than my most wild and unrestrained ritual spaces.

          Denny, what are you doing to attract such animosity
        • Re: The Two Questions

          Mon, April 18, 2005 - 12:13 PM
          Hey Liz,

          Simply put --

          No orgasm. No spasm. For both sexes.

          Man and Woman. Devoted one to the other. No multiple partners. This mixes up the energies that our Divine Mother uses to build the spiritual bodies. It is considered a violation.

          Master Samael, Rabolu, and Belzebuub each teach that this is the way to annihilate the egos. It's not about magical works, but the annihilation of the "I."

          Regarding my bedroom... I've found Bellilin and a circle of protection is very helpful.

          As an aside, I had an interesting experience with a Turkish Evil Eye recently...

          My nephew and I were in the astral, when he pulled the evil eye out of my pocket and dropped it on an entity's lap. It was absolutely horrified. It's eyes got real big and black and it started yelling "Get it away from me! Get it away from me!"

          I wonder what's so peculiar about this thing? It was really frightened by this little piece of blue glass.

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      Re: The Two Questions

      Mon, April 11, 2005 - 8:09 AM
      The exactness of liturgical elements is often overstated. In truth liturgical elements are completely unnecessary, but they serve as a focal point for non-vocal actions. As is the case for Sammy’s followers, using the exact words he requires acts as a link to him, being that the link is more important than the individual words but the liturgies as a whole are the sign of obedience. Such links are only as strong as the entity or pool being linked to minus the loss over the link.

      In certain Hermetic and Quabbalistic schools of thought, there is the principle of vibratory oration. Where certain harmonic orations cause sympathetic responses in the environment (current planes and otherwise). What is often lost in the teachings of these techniques is the high degree of variability of correct vibration. What pronunciation and vibratory pitches work for one person may not be the correct pronunciations and pitches for another person. Everyone must adjust the words and vibrations to overcome the counter harmony of their own existence in order to clearly produce an effective reaction. Rote recitation of the same pitches and pronunciations will only produce a very few moderately successful individual chanters out of a very large pool of practitioners.

      It’s important to understand that words are transient things, and even the ultraconservative Hebrew language has changed ever so slowly over the centuries. What is always more important is what lies behind the words.